Marie Enevoldsen

Born 1984 in Vig, Denmark
Lives and work in Copenhagen


2007-2010 Danish Design School, Bornholm, Department of Ceramics, Denmark
2006-2007 Pottery basic course, Gladsaxe, Denmark

Work experience:
2009 Internship, 2,5 months, Jennifer McCurdy, Martha’s vineyard, USA
2005-2006 Student and workshop-assistant at Ceramicschool in Copenhagen, Denmark
2002 Internship, Karin Sauer, 1 month
2000 Internship, Karin Sauer, 1 month

Selected exhibitions:

2012: ”Window 107”, Istedgade 107, København.

2010: Afgangsudstilling fra Danmarks designskole, Bornholm.
-Bornholms kunstmuseum i Rø, Bornholm
-Designer Zoo, København
-Malmø Form og Design Center
-Svanekegaarden i Svaneke, Bornholm
-Grimmerhus, Danmarks keramik museum, Middelfart

Structure vs. Surface

“What is the relation between structure and surface? How do they affect each other? And where does the internal and external form begin and end? These questions are the foundation of my current work. Working with details, complexity and negative space, I seek to create ceramic objects that desire to be explored, and challenge the way we see and experience form.”

                                                                                                        Marie Enevoldsen