Mikas Emil

Lives and work in Copenhagen

Master in Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Architecture.

The Third Dimension
About the projects:

“All the project started with a 2 dimensional drawing of a face. After drawing the motif by hand I modelled some of them in Rhino (a 3D modelling software), and finally I milled the 3D drawing with the help from a CNC milling machine.The pictures I made from the milling machines is in plywood, bamboo and corian.

I feel that working with this process, for me opened up a new way of thinking materials into art – as an artist you work with different brushes and colours. When you work with the cnc cutter, it’s like you paint in layers of different materials.

What I find interesting in the process of the project, was the exploration of the new and exciting techniques we have today, and how we can use the industrial machines as a tool to achieve a new and different motif. Leaving the drawing “in the hands” of the machine, immediately creates a new set of rules and guidelines, as the machine has it’s own technical limits. One of the limits could in this case be the size of the stroke line for instance – as the machine is not able to mill the very fine lines seen in the drawing, a new expression is created in the 3D drawing. 

So aside from further developing the motif, the motif is also taken to a whole other level, which you, as the original designer, actually can’t control any longer. You therefore end up with a project in various stages – all connected, yet very different, in material and expression.”

                                                                                                                                       Mikas Emil