Sofie Winther Foged

Sofie Winther Foged has created an installation containing four human dolls in
1:1 scale. The models are her stepsister Oline (20 years), her little sister Liva
(9 years) and her friend Rune (20 years). In her work; Sofie likes to get as
close to reality as she possibly can – as an example the clothes the dolls are
dressed in, are clothes taken from the models’ own wardrobes. This increases
the feeling of authenticity and creates an almost hyperreal expression in her

The material is very simple (vita wrap, tape, paper) but the output is nearly
more realistic than the real world. Amazing – and very scary. See it; and
believe it…

Born 1991, Randers
Lives and works in Aarhus (currently in Berlin)


A family on hold. Safe – together. A family is a place, where people come and go. Like bricks constantly changing the puzzle. Who are we, and what does ‘family’ actually mean today?


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