Thomas Pålsson

Born 1980, Denmark
Lives and work in Copenhagen


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, graduation 2007

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, 2009 - ongoing.
Krogerup Højskole 2011 - 2012
Krabbesholm højskole 2009

Selected exhibitions:
SOMEWHERE ELSE, group show, Le-fix gallery, Copenhagen, 2013.
Group show, FORMAT art space, Copenhagen, 2013.
Group show, Vaeg Gallery, Aalborg, 2012.
GOING DANISH, De Balie, Amsterdam, 2012.
UDSTILLING, Råhuset, Copenhagen, 2012.
SUPREME MANIPULATOR, Råhuset, Copenhagen, 2012.
IT'S ALL GOOD #2, group show, Vess Showroom, Copenhagen, 2012.
7 ZINES, group show, Mellemrummet, Copenhagen, 2012.
IT'S ALL GOOD #1, group show, Vess Showroom, Copenhagen, 2011.
ELEPHANT PARADE, public space, Copenhagen, 2011.
CASSIUS, LEAD THE FOOLS with Tobias Christiansen,
Råhuset, Copenhagen, 2010.
THEM'S RECEPTION, Rockerborgen, Copenhagen, 2009.
Copenhagen, 2008.
WUHLICHSTRASSE, Skizum Studios, Berlin, 2007
SKÆVE BØRN I SMØLFELAND, public space, Copenhagen, 2007.
UNFAIR, group show, Copenhagen Skatepark, 2005 - 2007
VI FINDES IKKE, public space, Copenhagen, 2005.
MOREHOME LESSFASHION, public space, Copenhagen, 2004.
ARTSI ARTSI, Karrot, Copenhagen, 2004.
SUCK ON THE BARREL OF LOVE!, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Copenhagen, 2004.
SUNGLASSES, group show, Vega, Copenhagen, 2003.
MERE STØJ, Galleri Lisse Bruun, Copenhagen, 2003.
ADDING TO PUBLIC SP ACE, public space, Copenhagen, 2003.
STORE FORMATER, group show, Lisse Bruun, Copenhagen, 2003.
KIWIS CAN FLY, group show, Luftkastellet, Copenhagen, 2002.

Somewhere else book
Supreme Manipulator book
LTF Comic book
Slackers Delight book
Various zine excerpts

2010: Afgangsudstilling fra Danmarks designskole, Bornholm.
-Bornholms kunstmuseum i Rø, Bornholm
-Designer Zoo, København
-Malmø Form og Design Center
-Svanekegaarden i Svaneke, Bornholm
-Grimmerhus, Danmarks keramik museum, Middelfart


Traveling. Looking for the weird among us. Visiting with the strange. Coincidental encounters, mostly far from home. Eating boiled salami. Thinking about a poem by Bukowski: The Strongest of the Strange.

The currently exhibited series of sketches, photos and large drawings by Thomas Pålsson at VÆG Gallery – and an accompanying book – are entitled The Strongest of the Strange. The work is a compilation of visual fragments and fabulations created over a period of 3 years to ask very basic questions about life and it’s implications – snapshot-like slices of a thought process – the primary medium being a small black pen and paper.


From the serie: Supreme Manipulator (2012) at VÆG:


From the serie “Somewhere else” (2013), Le Fix gallwry, Copenhagen: