Don John


Born 1981, Odense
Lives and work in Copenhagen

Selected works from Don John:

“Corvus”- spray on iron plate,  104 x 104 cm

“The Sixth Extinction” – spray on iron plate, 126 x 70 cm

“Canary in a coal mine” – spray on iron plate, 120 x 100 cm

lino-cut – “Creativity is freedom”

Wall painted at Nørresundby Gymnasium – september 2013:

Wall painted at Aalborg University:

Butterfly-installation at VÆG:


“Zoomorphism is an exhibition that investigates

the relationship and contradictions between nature and civilization.

How does our behavior differentiates from each other?

Is one exploiting the other and is our perception of the weak part in

this relationship correct?”

 “Kiss of Death”


“Homo homini lupus”


Munich Germany

Berlin, Germany

Århus, Denmark

Berlin, Germany

“Snow-White and Rose-Red” Grimms’ Fairy Tales KHM 161. Linocut on Fabriano 220 g. paper.
Edition of 10

“Wolf Beard” Artline marker on Canson 250 g. paper

“Deer Girl” Staedtler marker on Canson 250 g. paper. Handbuild frame in Finnish pine.

“All the words I don’t say” Stencil graffiti on tainted plywood. Vintage wooden frame.