WE MAY BE HUMAN – exhibition August 2015

WE MAY BE HUMAN-  Indian summer exhibition at VÆG.

Friday, August 21st 2015 – from 4 to 7pm.

We are pleased to present to you 3 strong Danish artists:

Esther Sarto – Stinne Bo – Lauge Voigt

They all create narratives about the fragility of life. About what it means to be human, about life transitions and temporary standstills and about life’s duality – the struggle between the good and the bad. Their references and inspiration come from a vast variety of topics and subjects such as monkeys, weather phenomena, black metal, tantric sex, TV-news, stuffed birds and the general struggle of everyday life.

The exhibition is on view until September 19th, 2015

Selected works:

Esther Sarto – watercolour on paper

Stinne Bo – colour pencil on paper:

Lauge Voigt

Some installation views: