“NATURE MORTE”, solo show Don John – november 2015

NATURE MORTE – solo show by Danish artist Don John:

This is about us. About other species. About our vanity and future.  Are we capable of solving the challenges we are facing by using our intelligence and creativity? What impact has religion had on our view on other species and our relation to the planet Earth? Are we using up our resources? Is the solution located somewhere out in the Solar System?

PAPER PAINT PENCIL – new works by Lars Bonde

Selected installation views:


“Backlash” Stencil graffiti on iron plates. 110 x 160 cm

“Nature Morte” Oil on burned wood. 90 x 77 cm

“Untitled” Concrete sculpture.

“No Gods” Concrete sculpture.



“New Beginnings” Stencil graffiti on iron plate. 58 x 39 cm


“Hero” Stencil graffiti on iron box. 20 x 44 cm

“Untitled” Concrete sculpture with Barnacles.

“Shapeshifter” Stencil graffiti on iron plate. 117 x 80 cm

“Deal Hunter” Arrow and artificial steak