WINTER SELECTIONS – december 2015


We are pleased to present to you 15 artists. Paintings, drawings, ceramics, wood sculpture, light installation and papercut. The gallery will be full of craftsmanship and creativity. We are warming up to winter. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


Stinne Bo

Anne Sofie Kamphøvener Øtrup

Daniel Nygaard-Mortensen

Samios Chill (Greece)

Alisa Vodna (Latvia)

Iben Toft Nørgård

Adam Hansel (USA)

Gurli Elbækgaard

Lea Nielsen

Thomas Plauborg

Mikkel Rundin Ørsted

Camilla Brix & Sisse Kappelgaard Bech

Marius Bejera (Romania)

Heidi P

Some of the works:

Mikkel Rundin Ørsted, 2015 – Untitled, oil on canvas, 328 x 231 cm


Heidi P – The Trees Can’t Grow without the Sun in Their Eyes, 2011, 158 x 176 cm

Adam Hansel, Untitled, 2015 – charcoal on paper, 162 x 162 cm

Marius Bejera, ‘At Sky’s Opening – 2014, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

Alisa Vodna – “Terra Nova” 2015 , acrylic on canvas, 90 x 110 cm

Gurli Elbækgaard – untitled – ceramics

Iben Toft Nørgård – “The Butterfly Effect”, 2015 – paper collage

Camilla Brix & Sisse K. Bech – “Orb” – light sculpture (mixed media)

Lea Nielsen – ”Underskoven” (installation) ceramics