SECRETS & DRONES – Mads Ljungdahl + Mariko Wada – May/June 2016


SECRETS & DRONES by Danish artist Mads Ljungdahl and Japanese artist Mariko Wada.

Ljungdahl presents his project ‘DRONE OBSERVATION’. A series of minimalistic graphic black and white drones. What is a drone? A friendly humming bee or an mechanical enemy? Ljungdahl creates and challenges us with observations of relations between man, machine and nature.

Wada is also an explorer – testing the expressive potential of ceramics. By using a variety of modeling techniques, Wada creates tactile and visual objects. ‘ANATOMY OF THE SECRET’ is a series of sculptural objects, where you as a viewer are challenged – what is underneath? Is it moving?

The exhibition is on view until June 25th, 2016

Installation views:

Selected works by Mads Ljungdahl:

Selected works by Mariko Wada: