BJERRE + AUSTEN – exhibition August 2016

Solo show ‘FALLING INTO PLACES’ by Birgit Bjerre + featuring new artist Tina Austen with ‘1432 HAPPINESS’.

Bjerre presents her new works ‘FALLING INTO PLACES’. Paintings and drawings of places abandoned by people – or maybe just forgotten? Once a place full of life – of will and intention. Today nobody is around anymore. Bjerre creates places that have no ‘coverage’. Places that seem like havens in a time of distraction.

Tina Austen also explores places that have changed. ‘1432 HAPPINESS’ refers to the postcode of Refshalvøen in Copenhagen. Once a place for the legendary shipyard B&W – now a place for Copenhell, an annual international festival for heavy metal music. Austen creates ceramic sculptures that symbolize the rawness of the place and its people.

The exhibition is on view until September 24th, 2016

Some installation views:

Selected works:

Birgit Bjerre – ‘Under bro’ (2016) – drawing, ink on paper – 48 x 64 cm (+ frame)

Birgit Bjerre – ‘Noget løftes mens vi sover’ (2016) – oil, acrylic and spray on canvas – 119 x 139 cm

Birgit Bjerre – ‘Vi kan lette og se alt tydeligt’ (2016) – oil, acrylic and spray on canvas – 119 x 139 cm

Tina Austen – untitled (‘1432 Happiness’) – ceramic sculpture