March 2018: solo Morten Barker (photography) + featuring Rikke Elgaard (ceramics)



MORTEN BARKER (DK) – photography



RIKKE ELGAARD (DK) – ceramics

Saturday, March 3rd 2018 – from 11am to 2pm.

The exhibition is on view until April 2nd 2018

You are cordially invited to the opening of the new exhibition.

We are pleased to present for the first time: a solo show with photographer Morten Barker + featuring new ceramics by Rikke Elgaard.

Barker will exhibit a wide range of strong photos selected from his most recent years. The focal point is the landscape. Barker takes us to unknown territory – to anonymous military shooting grounds. He shows us how complex and fragile the nature is, he manipulates and plays with the scenes in warfilms – inviting us into almost dreamy landscapes.

The exhibition will also feature new ceramics works of Rikke Elgaard who constantly challenges and explores the potential of a certain shape – dressed in a beautiful glaze.

We look forward to seeing you.

Regards, Lars Bonde

Some installation views:

P1000200 P1000201 P1000196 P1000197

Selected works: MORTEN BARKER

Betula pendula No. 1

Betula pendula No. 1, (140 x 110 cm) (The Forest)

Oksbøl Hede, udsigt mod vest, (220 x 144 cm) (‘Topografiens Krig og Død)

Heden og F16

Oksbøl Hede, udsigt mod vest, (220 x 144 cm) (‘Topografiens Krig og Død)

Krondyr Slagtehus

Døde Krondyr, Vildthuset i Vejers, (220 x 144 cm) – (‘Topografiens Krig og Død)


Døde hinder med udsigt mod Grærup Langsø, (150×109 cm) – (‘Landskabet Imellem’)


Oksbøl Hede, udsigt mod vest, (150 x 109 cm) – (‘Landskabet Imellem’)

Terra Nullius 04 Terra Nullius Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia, 2017 (126 x 91 cm) – (‘Terra Nullius’)

Terra Nullius 24 Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now, 2017 (56 x 82 cm) – (‘Terra Nullius’)



untitled (‘A Certain Shape’) o: 34 cm + h: 44 cm


untitled (‘A Certain Shape’) o: 33 cm + h: 32 cm


untitled (‘A Certain Shape’) o: 27 cm + h: 28 cm


untitled (‘A Certain Shape’) o: 25 cm + h: 31 cm