Meyer-Lavigne + Ole Friedrich – June/July 2018



FACE IT– ceramics + paper works

featuring: OLE FRIEDRICH(DE)

Man Made Object – mixed media

The exhibition is on view until July 21st2018


We are pleased to present for the first time: a solo show with the Danish duo Sabine Lavigne and Kristine Meyer + featuring German artist Ole Friedrich.

Sabine and Kristine both graduated from The Royal Academy of Design in Copenhagen (Glass & Ceramics) back in 2005. They established Meyer-Lavigne 10 years ago. The title is ‘Face it’. The focal point is the mask. Meyer-Lavigne is fascinated with the mask and its potential. The many layers, symbols and meanings related to it. The mask as something related to a general human identity. Their new works can be seen as very specific expressions of pure shape, but also as a more complex object that reflects who we are, what we feel, what we hide, what we really want, what we challenge. It is about being a human – being a mum, a woman, getting older, changing way of life. And in a broader perspective taking a look upon what is going on in our society. Meyer-Lavigne are looking at themselves – and at us. Often it is in the banal that you find universal meaning and create a common platform, where we, as humans, understand and touch each other. Let us take on/off our masks – let us face it!

The exhibition will also feature the German artist Ole Friedrich, who will be challenging our perception. The art works are focusing on the interaction between natural and artificial phenomena. Friedrich is working and playing with one form – the circle. A circle is exposed to unpredictable circumstances. Depending on your viewing angle the work oscillates between minimalism and abstract expressionism. A kind of a reflection on the borderline of man made constructions and randomly behaving nature.

Installation views:

P1000518P1000490 P1000511 P1000510 P1000516 P1000515
P1000520 P1000519 P1000518 P1000502 P1000501 P1000498 P1000496 P1000495 P1000492 P1000491



Selected works:


IMG_4439 gentagelser

IMG_4571 IMG_4566 IMG_4562 IMG_4555OLE FRIEDRICH:

Friedrich_Haze_MagentaOrange_1 Friedrich_ManMadeObject_DichroYellow_2 Friedrich_ManMadeObject_CyanYellowMagenta_1 Friedrich_ManMadeObject_BlackMagenta_1