Sylvest Jeppesen MONOMYTH

Sylvest Jeppesen – MONOMYTH

Saturday, August 17th2019 – from 11am to 2pm.

We are pleased to present to you a new artist in the gallery: Sylvest Jeppesen. For many months Sylvest has been on a heroic journey in his studio – struggling, discovering and inventing new strong oil paintings and sculptures. He has been walking down the road alone. Inspired by expressionists like Paul Gauguin and Edvard Munch. But they cannot walk it for you. You must create the work yourself. The exhibition is influenced by the mythic storytelling structure. Sylvest is exploring stories that define our lives through archetypal characters, cultural symbols and dreams. Sylvest guides us on a journey where we can reflect on ‘who we are’and ‘why we are here’. Do you get the picture?

The exhibition is on view until September 14th2019

Sylvest Jeppesen will be present at the opening.

We look forward to seeing you.


Selected art works

Installation view
Installation view
Installation view
Freudian Peacock – oil on canvas 2019
Apollon/New Morning – oil on canvas 2019