Exhibition Sep. 2019 – Stinne Bo, Frederik Hesseldahl & Josefine Winding

Exhibition september 2019

STINNE BO – ‘RELIEF’ – paper cuts

Stinne Bo is an artist with a very high degree of aesthetic sense, craftsmanship and an eye for an interesting story. She creates amazing artwork out of paper – cut out freehand and placed carefully layer on layer. Stinne is playing with light and shadows – making room for interpretation and interaction.


Fredrik Hesseldahl is a challenging
artist. With a background as an architect he is curious about using different
materials and focusing on dimensions, space and movement. Frederik creates
works in an expressive abstract language – where poetry and turmoil clashes in
an original way. 


For the first time in the gallery we
proudly present Josefine Winding, who makes cool and beautiful sculptures. She
is also focusing on shape, surface and spatial awareness. Josefine makes strong
art works with a tension as if the sculpture expands or sprout new limbs at any

The exhibition is on view until October
19th 2019

Installation view

Stinne Bo – ‘Relief VIII’ – paper cut – 68,5 x 53 x 12 cm in wood box with LED-light
Late night view
Frederik Hesseldahl – ‘Mystery of the Trinity’ – 115 x 200 cm
acrylic + spray on plexi-glass mirror (gold)
Josefine Winding – ‘untitled’ sculpture