Victor B. P. Bengtsson + Tina Tramp April 2021

2 x solo featuring:

VICTOR B.P. BENGTSSON – ‘Foraarets Horisont’ – paintings

TINA TRAMP – ‘Blooming Meadows’ – ceramics

Victor B.P. Bengtsson (b. 1997) paints stories about our relationship with nature.    The changing Danish seasons – the gloomy spring and the melancholy of its shortness. He celebrates flora and fauna and creates bucolic fairy tales in which humans and animals surrender to their natural surroundings. Victor is inspired by the aesthetics of Art Nouveau, The Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood and the idyllic scenes of Danish Golden Age. By using thin layers of undissolved oil paint on untreated jute, Victor creates fragile, dreamlike and theatrical images. Surreal and mythological. Romantic and decadent. A key inspiration to his work is poems by Danish Morten Nielsen – who was in the resistance movement during World War II. Nielsen died in 1944, when he was 22 years old. Morten Nielsen was born in Aalborg (only 200 meters from the gallery). The titel of the exhibition ‘Foraarets Horisont’ (‘Spring horizon’) is from a poem by Nielsen. Victor has never been in Aalborg. He has just turned 23. Victor is now coming to Aalborg – and so is Spring.    

Tina Tramp (b. 1962) has been on a mission for more than 20 years. She wants to merge with nature and convey a sense of its magic in clay. Tina lives in the middle of a forest. The process starts with days outside the studio, walking deep into the forest with her camera. She looks past the obvious, she observes and engages with the surroundings. She senses, collects and maps. Back in the studio Tina sculpts, carves and moulds her clay into multi-fired organic parts. The result is raw and poetic monumental assemblages. A graceful and harmonious interaction between form, textures and glaze. Tina wants us to forget the shallow stimulation of everyday life and turn our focus inward. Be. Feel something. ‘Blooming Meadows’ is pure human nature.

The exhibition is on view until May 8th 2021

We look forward to seeing you.

Kind regards,

Lars Bonde

installation view
Victor B. P. Bengtsson
Installation view
Tina Tramp