DUPLICITY – Rikke Jacobsen & Maria Lindegaard Henningsen september 2022

You are cordially invited to the opening of the new exhibition at VÆG:

Friday, September 16. 2022 – from 17pm to 8pm.

2 x solo:


RIKKE JACOBSEN – (paintings)


We are entering Autumn with a double solo exhibition:

Rikke Jacobsen (b.1975) and Maria Lindegaard Henningsen (b. 1986). They have been working on this exhibition for almost a year. Making their own personal original works. Both are embracing the imperfect and fragile life. Rikke is painting a new series of animals mirroring our human behaviour. Maria is hand building sculptures also of animals reflecting life for better or worse. And they have been challenging each other; collaborating on creating unique ceramic wall reliefs together.

Both artists will be present at the opening.

The exhibition is on view until October 8th 2022

We look forward to seeing you.

Kind regards, Lars Bonde

I REMEMBER JULY – Rikke Jacobsen

The Pale Horse – Maria Lindegaard Henningsen (2022)