WE PAINT! Welin, Åkerberg & Sanvig February 2023





Different techniques and styles, different inspiration sources, different preparations and processes, different expressions, different colour palettes etc. But one common dedication to challenge the canvas.

Impressionism? Fauvism? Surrealism? Expressionism? Dadaism? Cubism? Futurism? Abstract? Pop Art? Of course the artists seek inspiration in different influential movements from modern art history. But it’s not about categorisation or putting a certain label on the works. It’s about a feeling, the degree of originality, the craftsmanship, the aesthetic dimensions and the stories to be told. 

This exhibition shows three different takes on painting:

Andreas Welin (b. 1993) originally comes from a graffiti and street art culture. Andreas is interested in our (social) interaction with each other. He has found inspiration in his grandfather’s impressionist works – and is preoccupied with a form of figuration, where he seeks to capture the body language in relationships between people. Who are we – how do we (re)act?

Nike Åkerberg (b. 1986) works with dark comedy painting. The paintings depict a world with an apocalyptic narrative where the people are portrayed in a dramatic and threatening environment where nature and artificial elements are mixed. She examines the emotional aspect of being human in a globalized climate changing world. Nike is painting portraits of the human race rather than of human individuals.

Ann-Lisbeth Albek Sanvig (b. 1963) examines the narratives that help define cultural identity. She strives to create a certain aesthetic emotion in her oil paintings by using many laser-like and transparent layers. The motifs are a combination of fragmentary, spatial surfaces and veils, scarves and saris, which traditionally serves as an identity, cultural and/or religious marker. But something is hidden.

The exhibition is on view until March 4th 2023

We look forward to seeing you.

Kind regards, Lars Bonde

Installation view – Nike Åkerberg
Andreas Welin – ‘Gentle hierarchy’ – oil on canvas – 200(h) x 150 cm
Ann-Lisbeth Albek Sanvig‘Hidden Identity’ – oil on canvas
Nike Åkerberg ‘No time to sit in the orange chair’ – oil on canvas (130(h) x 150 cm
Ann-Lisbeth Albek Sanvig – ‘Hidden Identity X’ – oil on canvas (120(h) x 100 cm)