kind of noir – September 2023

Saturday, September 2. 2023 – from 11am to 3pm

It is getting darker. Again. Fewer hours of daylight.  We are use to it. Nordic melancholy. Black absorbs all light in the colour spectrum. Some say black is the Mother of all colours.

Black creates contrasts. In this exhibition the six artists all balances their works in a simple way. Narrowed down to a distinctive style. Realistic and precise…. and stripped of unnecessary effects. But there are always cracks – small glimpses of nuances. Narratives about something more – or something different. Something glows. Something feels soft. Something smells of earth. Something seems organic. Something triggers your mind. A sense of something else. Let there be light.


Lis Andersen – sculpture

Charlotte Nielsen – ceramics

Sarah Schönbeck – mirror objects

Thomas Plauborg – paintings

Emil Staggemeier – paintings

Kasper Christiansen – objects

Saturday, September 2nd 2023 – from 11am to 3pm.

The exhibition is on view until September 30th 2023

We look forward to seeing you.


Thomas Plauborg
Window view- Lis Andersen + Kasper Christiansen
Window view – Charlotte Nielsen + Emil Staggemeier
Emil Staggemeier
Charlotte Nielsen
Kasper Christiansen
Sarah Schönbeck
Thomas Plauborg
Lis Andersen