Kim Høltermand

Born 1977, lives and work in Copenhagen, Denmark


architectural and landscape photographer

Selected work:

- Featured in international magazines and publications including Dwell and Photography Monthly.

- Awarded NETDIVER Best of the Year 2008

- 1st place in the 2009 IPA International Photography Awards (Pro category 'Architecture Buildings')

- 1st place in The 2010 APA Awards National Photo Competition ('Landscape'category)

- Recently winner of the Blurb "Bring Your Photography to Life" competition on the Behance Network

New works from Kim Høltermand at VÆG right now:

I am especially drawn to desolate places, devoid of people. There is a certain lonely and eerie feeling when standing in front of something huge and overwhelming and being the only one to see it. I love to capture that feeling of being completely alone, and of being lonely. We are all alone.

The TUVE series was shot in Sweden at lake TUVE. I had spent an entire week at the lake with sunshine – craving for the fog but it was nowhere to be found. It was on the last day of my stay that I woke up early in the morning and I was blessed with the fog of a decade. I quickly packed up my gear and drove down to the lake nearby and shot TUVE. I remember driving back from the shoot with a smile on my face and a gut feeling that this would be some of my best work to date.