Saturday, October 26th2019 – from 11am to 2pm.

You are cordially invited to the opening of the new exhibition at VÆG




The title of the exhibition in English is ‘Ripples in the Surface’. The three artists – Mikkel Ørsted, Eva Helene Pade and Davide Hjort – are all students at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. They have the future ahead of them. Lots of time to experiment, investigate and challenge the world. Already now they are creating art making original imprints. Art making room for interpretation – never leaving us alone without making a certain impression.    

Mikkel Ørsted (b.1988) is an artist with a high degree of aesthetic sensibility. His paintings are fragile – playing with the duality between the formal painting as material and the mind as an abstract way of sensing and experiencing the perception itself.

Eva Helene Pade (b.1997) is also a challenging artist. Her new oil paintings are very much about rhythm, space and movement. Eva wants to give feelings a certain form by visualizing drapings of fabrics. What do you see and feel?

Davide Hjort (b. 1990)loves to experiment with different materials. His new ceramic works is an underwater universe in which he investigates the intimate relation between humans and nature. A universe creating room for reflexion and hope. 

The exhibition is on view until November 23th2019

We look forward to seeing you.

Kind regards, LARS BONDE

Mikkel Ørsted – untitled – 172 x 160 – acrylic on canvas
Eva Helene Pade – ‘Red waves’ – oil on canvas – 150 x 145 cm
Davide Hjort – ‘untitled’ – glazed stoneware